The Bioclear method can correct many  problems with appearance in a permanent and less invasive manner than more traditional treatments such as porcelain crowns and veneers.Porcelain is a good choice for some conditions but for others it is not.

So in what situations can Bioclear help?One of these is black triangles.These are unsightly gaps between front incisors-both upper and lower-that are caused by gum recession.

These black triangles can age a smile ,but the Bioclear method can conservatively close these gaps and rejuvenate a smile.

Another situation where Bioclear can help is closing spaces between front teeth known as diastemas .Many people are happy with a midline space but some people aren’t  and Bioclear can solve this problem.

Also sometimes teeth can be a bit smaller than normal-this is most commonly seen in small lateral incisors otherwise known as peg laterals.These can easily be built up using Bioclear and can transform a smile without having to do any preparation on the teeth.

Other situations when Bioclear can be used are very worn and discoloured teeth which can be transformed in a single visit to a set of even and aesthetically pleasing teeth.

Bioclear can be placed in one appointment unlike crowns and veneers which need at least two visits which patients love as  they can walk out on the same day with a transformed smile.

Bioclear uses  a high quality tooth coloured filling material(composite) which bonds onto the enamel and is  then polished to a very smooth finish which looks superb and feels great to the tongue.

The longevity of  Bioclear is excellent and matches other techniques. Not many practices can offer Bioclear at the moment but I have attended an intensive   training course at the UK’s only Bioclear training centre and am a Certified Bioclear Practitioner.

I will go into the Bioclear method in  greater detail  in the next post.

Norman Allan.