Private Fees

Please note we are not accepting new patients-either NHS or Private -at the moment.

Dental fees for private patients in Stirling and Stirlingshire

At Riverside Dental Practice in Stirling, we do not think that private dentistry should break the bank. That is why our private dental fees are extremely competitive, giving more of our patients the opportunity to benefit from our highest standard of care. We also always strive to be transparent about how much we charge for our private treatments so you can budget accordingly.

Our stress-free monthly payment plan

We offer a monthly payment scheme for our private patients through Forth Valley Dental Care. This covers all dental fees at an affordable monthly price, giving you the peace of mind that you won’t be hit with an unexpected dental bill at an inconvenient time. For more information, just speak to a member of our team.

dentist inspecting child's mouth

How much do we charge for private dental care?

Examination £15.00
X-rays (each) £5.00
Scale and polish (per visit) £30.00
Silver/amalgam fillings from £30.00 to £60.00
White fillings from £40.00 to £80.00
Extraction £30.00
Root fillings from £60.00 to £180.00
Crowns (per tooth) from £150.00 to £300.00
Veneers (per tooth) from £150.00 to £300.00
Bridges (per tooth) from £150.00 to £300.00
Full acrylic dentures from £300.00
Metal dentures £300.00
Flexible dentures £300.00

Find out more about our private and NHS treatment charges

If you have any questions about our charges or payment plans, or if you would like advice on how to pay your dental bills, just give our team a call on 01786 464 285. Alternatively, you can email us at