Discoloured teeth can occur for several reasons such as poor hygiene, age or more commonly, certain foods. Everything that you eat will affect your teeth so you must know what’s causing the discolouration. If you’d like a radiant, stain-free smile read on to learn about four of the main foods that can affect the colour of your teeth.

Tea and coffee

Everyone loves a cup of tea or coffee in the morning and that’s fine, however, constantly drinking these brews throughout the day can cause your teeth to turn brown. Tea and coffee both contain tannins which cause the staining and over time you will notice your smile becoming duller and duller. Limiting the amount of tea and coffee you drink will have a positive impact on your smile and keep it looking bright.


Dark liquors and red wine and one of the most common culprits for causing stained teeth. Just as these liquids can stain clothing and fabrics, the same can happen to your teeth. It’s fine to enjoy the occasional red wine but regular drinking will take its toll on your teeth, not to mention drying out your mouth.


Sweets, cakes, fizzy drinks and even fruit all contain sugar so you must maintain a good brushing routine so the substance does not settle on your teeth. Failure to do so can result in tooth decay and cavities which will cause overall discolouration or dark patches across your teeth.


Whether you like a Korma or a Chicken Tikka, having a curry is a tasty treat but with its deep colouring from spices and other ingredients the pigment can change the shade of your teeth. Be sure to brush and rinse your mouth to prevent permanent staining.

Here at Riverside Dental Practice, based in Stirling, we’ve been offering high-quality dental services for over 40 years. If your stained smile has affected your confidence, our professional team is fully trained in safe teeth whitening treatments. The procedure involves penetrating the surface of the tooth to reveal a whiter smile. Get in touch today for more information.