Orthodontic care in Stirling for an award-winning smile!Please note we are not accepting new patients at the moment as we are prioritising delayed treatments for our registered patients.

Orthodontic treatments allow us to correct teeth that are growing in an irregular manner, for example those that are crooked, protruding or poorly-aligned. Orthodontic care helps you or your child get the healthiest possible teeth by making them straighter, more comfortable and easier to maintain. These treatments usually involve the use of braces or retainers to realign the teeth.

How does our orthodontic treatment work?

At Riverside Dental Practice, we do not fit braces or provide orthodontic treatment within our Stirling practice. Instead, we refer you to a local orthodontic practice with the specialist expertise to guarantee a straight, healthy and confidence-boosting smile. When treatment is complete, our patients return to our care. More complex cases can be further referred to the hospital orthodontic service at Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert. Although orthodontics are an especially common procedure for children and adolescents, we can also offer a comprehensive orthodontic service for adults.

Find out more about our dental care for children.

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We are always happy to help

If you have any questions about getting braces fitted for yourself or your child, just call Riverside Dental Practice in Stirlingshire on 01786 464 285 or email norman.allan@nhs.net. A member of our dental staff will be more than happy to help out.