Bioclear – Closing the Gaps for a youthful smile.

30% of adults have black triangles which are dark spaces between the teeth often due to gum recession or after orthodontic treatment. These gaps are unsightly and tend to accumulate food debris encouraging excessive plaque build up. They can be difficult to treat-just adding white filling materials between the teeth often doesn’t work as they chip and discolour and providing veneers involves taking some healthy enamel off teeth. Using the Bioclear Method the gaps can be closed with a special composite( white filling material) bonding method. Bioclear involves using clear tooth shaped forms or matrices and filling them with composite material surrounding the entire tooth structure and filling the gaps leading to a more youthful appearance. Bioclear is also perfect for closing diastemas ( gaps between front teeth) which some people don’t like. Also Bioclear can be used to build up teeth that are smaller or misshapen such as peg laterals restoring symmetry to the smile. The Bioclear method also involves polishing the restorations to an ultra smooth finish or ‘Rock Star polish’ which feel great in the mouth.
We are one of the few practices in the area that can offer Bioclear treatment.Norman Allan has attended an intensive 2 Day hands on practical course at the UK’s only Bioclear training centre in Solihull and is therefore an authorised Bioclear practitioner .
So please give us a call or drop us an email if you’re interested in what Bioclear can do for you.

Please note that at the moment we are not accepting new patients-either NHS or Private as we deal with the backlog of treatments for our registered patients.

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Why choose Riverside Dental Practice as your cosmetic dentist?Please note we are not accepting new patients-either NHS or Private -at the moment as we are still catching up on delayed treatments for our registered patients.

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