So how is the Bioclear method carried out in a clinical situation?

In many cases such as closing diastemas ,treating black triangles and reshaping small teeth no preparation is required to the teeth.So no drilling required which means the teeth retain their full strength.This is in contrast to provision of crowns and veneers where greater or lesser degrees of tooth removal are required.Also this reduces post treatment sensitivity to hot and cold food and drink.

The first procedure that is  carried out is to thoroughly clean the tooth or teeth involved.This is in order to remove all the plaque ,stain and bacteria from the tooth surface.This vastly improves the longevity of the Bioclear restoration .The white filling material (composite) sticks much better to a clean tooth surface and is much less likely to chip or fall off in the future.Also there is  much less staining of the composite material and so the restorations retain their aesthetic qualities for much longer.

The teeth are cleaned in the Bioclear method by blasting with a water jet containing an abrasive agent which thoroughly removes all the plaque and staining.

The second stage of the Bioclear method is to use preshaped clear matrices which are placed over the teeth and are used as a template to reshape the teeth.

Thirdly the composite filling material is injected into the matrice and around the tooth and the desired shape is therefore built up.We use heated composite for this as it allows easier handling and increases the strength of the restoration  -the filling is therefore all in one piece rather than being built up in layers.

Finally the Bioclear tooth is rigorously trimmed and polished to the desired shape and to a very smooth finish called a ‘Rock Star Polish’ which gives maximum aesthetics.