Please note that we are not accepting new patients at the moment as we are addressing the backlog of delayed treatments for our registered patients.We hope this will change in the coming months.

At Riverside Dental Practice, our family-oriented Practice  sees a large number of children. We recommend that your children start visiting the dentist around the age of 18 months as the baby teeth are becoming established and continue making regular visits throughout their childhood and early adolescence. All of our dentists are very experienced when it comes to working with children.Some children need a bit of coaxing to allow a dental examination at first but that’s ok.After a few visits children become familiarised with the dental setting and usually allow the dentist to examine their teeth.

Our commitment to children’s dental health

At Riverside Dental Practice, we work hard to ensure the good dental health of your child from an early age. Regular check-ups help prevent unpleasant experiences such as tooth decay or extractions further down the line. We are also fully committed to the ChildSmile programme, a nationwide incentive aimed at improving Scotland’s dental health through proper education and advice about oral hygiene and diet in children.

What treatments do our dentists offer?

  • Regular check-ups
  • Applying fluoride varnish to strength enamel in young children’s teeth
  • Plastic coatings, or fissure sealants, on second teeth, preventing the chances of teeth being filled at an early age
  • Orthodontics referral
young child holding x-ray of mouth

Find out more about or children’s dental services

At Riverside Dental Practice we pride ourselves on our calm, family-friendly environment and go out of our way to ensure the visit to the dentist is a positive experience for your child. For more information, give us a call on 01786 464 285 or email