Check Ups

Dental treatments and check-ups in Stirling.Please note that we are not accepting new patients-either NHS or Private -at the moment as we are prioritising delayed treatment for our registered patients.

The NHS recommends that you see your dentist at least once every 6-12 months for a check-up. This routine procedure consists of a thorough examination of all teeth, gums and soft tissue areas of the mouth by one of our  dentists. The aim is to assess your dental health and catch any problems such as decay or infection while they are still at an early stage, preventing more complex problems further down the line.

What to expect at your check-up

  • Teeth are checked for decay, quality of any existing restorations (e.g. fillings, crowns etc.) and appearance.
  • Gums are examined to measure the bone support of the teeth and check for signs of gum disease, such as bleeding or receding gums.
  • Soft tissue such as cheeks, tongue, lips and the floor of the mouth are routinely examined to check for diseases.
  • Sometimes, x-rays can be used to show if tooth roots are healthy, check for decay between teeth/underneath fillings and see if there is an infection present.

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Dentist tools in a patients mouth

Are x-rays used at check-ups?

Where appropriate, we carry out x-rays to help evaluate our patients’ dental health. X-rays show problems such as dental caries (or decay) between teeth or underneath fillings, which are not always visible to the naked eye. We also always take patient x-rays prior to carrying out dental treatments such as crowns and bridges.

At Riverside Dental Practice, we have a modern digital x-ray system that provides high-quality x-ray images at a reduced level of radiation. The images appear of the computer screen in a matter of seconds, and can be viewed by both dentists and patients.

We are here to help

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