White Fillings

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White Fillings at Riverside Dental Practice

Traditionally back teeth were filled by dental amalgam. This is an excellent material to fill teeth, but the main drawback is the unsightly silver or even black appearance. However, nowadays we can restore molars and premolars with white filling material, also known as composite.

The technological advancements in the manufacture of white fillings have reached the point where they are just as strong and durable as amalgam. Also white fillings don’t contain mercury, unlike amalgam which is a toxic substance. Most fillings we now do at Riverside Dental Practice are white.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us about white filling replacements. Please contact us on 01786 464 285 to discuss this further or make an appointment.

Quality White Fillings in Stirling

White fillings are especially useful when there isn’t much tooth left after a large amalgam filling has failed. The composite filling material actually chemically bonds to the remaining tooth, thereby reducing the need to crown or even extract the tooth. Teeth can be restored with as little as 20% of the tooth left.

White fillings on back teeth are available on the NHS, free up to the age of 15, which is great as it ensures children don’t grow up with silver fillings in their teeth. After the age of 15, white fillings are available only privately on back teeth but for a modest investment you can be amalgam free for life!

White Fillings

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To find out more about our white fillings, or to make an appointment, please phone us on 01786 464 285 to discuss white fillings or email norman.allan@nhs.net.