Dental implants are the gold standard treatment for replacing missing teeth.From replacing a single tooth to larger gaps,multiple spaces or even a complete denture situation implants are the best solution.

Dental implants are the modern alternative to old ways of filling gaps such as partial dentures which although can look fine are awkward to wear with the coverage of the palate making speech ,eating and tasting difficult.Implants feel like natural teeth and don’t involve preparing adjacent teeth which is the case when providing bridges.

So what does providing dental implants involve? Firstly we refer you to  a specialist surgical clinic for initial assessment.There you are examined for implant suitability by assessing potential bone support.If this is adequate then implants can be placed in the jawbone and a period of integration of normally around 4 months is allowed for.Assuming successful integration then the gap or gaps can be filled with crowns/bridges at Riverside Dental Practice.

Frequently Asked  Questions  about Dental Implants

What if the bone support isn’t sufficient ? The bone support can be increased if needed  in many cases by adding artificial bone.

What’s  the success rate? When done in appropriate cases the success rate is 90+%.

Is it painful?Obviously there can be some discomfort immediately after placing the implants for a few days.However this is controlled by simple over the counter painkillers.

What’s the cost? Single tooth implants cost around £2200 -2500 depending on procedure required.You are given a full estimate prior to commencing treatment.

So feel free to enquire about dental implants by giving us a phone on 01786 464285 or emailing or asking the next time you are in.smiling woman in kitchen holding an apple