Hi everyone-as we all know this is an almost unprecedented situation .The NHS has been place in an emergency situation and therefore the normal practice of dentistry is no longer sustainable.

Therefore as of 17th March we are no longer able to carry out many routine dental procedures such as fillings,crown and bridge preparations and ultrasonic scalings .This is because these produce an aerosol which can potentially contain the Coronavirus if the patient is a carrier,even if asymptomatic.This poses a significant risk to the staff and other patients of the Practice.

We are still able to quote carry out a limited dental service such as examinations ,hand scalings and some denture cases.This is obviously less than ideal but is for the safety of all staff and patients at Riverside Dental Practice.

We can also treat emergencies such as severe pain,injury ,bleeding and swelling.This situation will remain until further notice and until the NHS advises otherwise.Thankyou