With the 6 Nations Rugby underway again it’s a good time to think about sports mouthguards.You can see that most if not all of the players do wear mouthguards to protect their teeth.Rugby is obviously one of the more high contact sports and failure to wear a mouthguard can easily result in damage to the teeth.

A stray elbow or boot can cause anything from a small chip on a tooth to complete loss of many front teeth.This can obviously have significant consequences for appearance and function and can lead to a lifetime of denture wearing or very expensive bridge or implant treatment.

Mouthguards can significantly reduce the chances of dental injury in contact sports .We at Riverside Dental Practice strongly recommend the use of custom made mouthguards which are far superior than off the shelf mouthguards which can be purchased in sports shops which fit poorly and offer limited protection.

We take an impression of usually the upper teeth and the mouth guard is expertly constructed by one of the top quality dental laboratories that we use and within a few days the mouth guard is fitted and is ready to use.

We recommend their use for adults and children in any sport where there is a risk of contact or trauma to the teeth such as rugby,football,hockeyboxing,basketball,squash and netball.

They can be provided in all colours from clear to all team colours -single or multiple. The cost at Riverside dental Practice is £80 and we would recommend replacement every few years as they can lose their strength and fit after multiple uses and if there have been several blows to the teeth.