Feeling nervous before a trip to the dentist is common for both adults and children. But there’s really no need to feel anxious. If you’re looking to ease your child’s concerns before their next visit, here’s how to best prepare them and calm their nerves:

Pop into your local dental practice ahead of the appointment

Your child may feel less apprehensive if they’re going to a place that’s familiar. Head to the dentist office with them before the appointment so they’re less intimidated on the day of their treatment.

If you let the dentist know you’re coming, they may even pop out and say hello.

Be mindful of the way you speak about dental treatments

Do you have a bit of anxiety about dental trips yourself? You may accidentally pass this fear on to your child, so be mindful of the language you use when speaking about it. Try to focus on the positive outcome when talking about it with your little one.

Keep in mind that if they start to have negative associations with dental work at a young age, it can be difficult to shake at a later stage. It could even result in them actively avoiding the dentist when they’re older. 

Go to a dental practice that is used to treating children

Search for local dentists that have experience in pediatric dentistry. They’ll be used to dealing with nervous children and will have tactics on how to ease their anxiety on the day.

Get into the habit of frequent visits from an early age

Keep dental appointments consistent so that your child gets more used to them. Try and find one dentist that you can stick with so your child can feel more comfortable. Generally, children should be taken to the dentist every six months from the age of one, for teeth cleaning and checkups.

Emphasis the importance of good oral hygiene habits

If your child learns to adopt oral hygiene habits from a young age, they’re less likely to need serious dental work in the future. This means their dentist visits are more likely to be positive and pain-free and they won’t feel as anxious about going.

Find a dentist both you and your child feel comfortable with

A friendly personality can go a long way in making your child’s dental visit a more positive experience. No matter how skilled a dentist may be, many people feel most comfortable with someone friendly who talks them through the process. Find a dentist that is the best fit for your family and future visits are likely to be a less nerve-wracking experience for all.

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