When you think of dentures the first thing that may come to mind is your grandparents set of false teeth. But, although dentures are more likely to be worn by the older generation where tooth loss is more likely, complete and partial dentures may be the right solution for anyone. Over the years dentures have progressed, made to look more natural and fit more comfortably. And, as every set is custom-fit they can solve your individual problem with eating, tooth loss, speech and appearance.

For some helpful signs that you may need dentures, this blog will explain four of the most common.

Regular toothache

Tooth pain can be a sign of many different oral conditions. From decay to gum disease, when these conditions aren’t treated correctly it can lead to complete tooth loss or irreparable damage. However, in many cases, tooth removal is the safest and healthiest option to improve your oral hygiene. Dentures can then be used as a long-term solution to functioning with removed teeth. It is important to note, however, that regular brushing and flossing is the best way to prevent tooth-related conditions and infections from occurring.

Tooth loss

If you’re already missing a couple of teeth then you may be the perfect candidate for dentures. Tooth loss from any area of the mouth can have a major effect on simple tasking such as eating, as well as your confidence levels when in public. Furthermore, when fewer teeth are doing all the work this can actually increase your chance of losing more since the remaining few are doing the work of a whole set.

Difficulty eating

If you’re having trouble eating certain foods, it’s important that you get this resolved so you can ensure you have a balanced and varied diet. Cracked and missing teeth can make it difficult to bite and chew, however, dentures will remove this pain by filling the gaps where your natural teeth once were.


As well as improving the condition of your teeth, dentures can also be used for aesthetic reasons. If your teeth are broken, missing or in poor condition around the front of your mouth, this may make you feel uncomfortable when talking to people. Dentures will provide you with a natural smile that will boost your confidence – for those in customer-facing roles, dentures can be particularly beneficial at ensuring you can communicate with ease.

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