Omnichroma Shadeless Composite
Teeth come in a wide variety of colours or shades .This can be due to just the natural colour of the patient’s enamel but also factors such as ageing,dietary habits and smoking.A sixty year old smoker who drinks a lot of black tea or coffee will have darker teeth than a 25 year old non smoker.
Therefore when placing tooth coloured fillings dentists have had to choose from a wide range of shades to try to match with the tooth’s natural colour.This can sometimes be difficult as often an exact shade match is not possible and the patient can be left with an obvious filling.This is where Omnichroma Shadeless composite can come in.
Omnichroma is a brand new product which can alleviate this problem.Basically the material comes in one shade which can be used in multiple situations.The same composite can be used in almost every clinical situation whereas before 16 different shades of composite had to be chosen from.
This means the patient gets a great aesthetic result and the dentist doesn’t have to keep a drawer full of composites that are only used once in a blue moon.
Omnichroma Shadeless composite has been developed and manufactured in Japan .Composite fillings derive their strength from microscopic filler particles.Omnichroma filler particles are all precisely the same size and this is what gives the Omnichroma Shadeless composite its properties.The light from the surrounding tooth structure is reflected by the Omnichroma and therefore is perceived as the same colour( or structural shade) of the tooth.
Also Omnichroma Shadeless composite has excellent strength ,durability and bonds well to the tooth substance.
Omnichroma can be used for both front and back teeth and gives great results in both cases.
We at Riverside Dental Practice have been using Omnichroma for a few weeks now and have been delighted with the results so far as have our patients.