Even though they fall out, baby teeth are an essential part of your child’s dental development and need to be cared for. It’s also important to get your littles used to visiting the dentist. If they are familiar with the procedures and equipment, they won’t be upset when they need to have a more intensive procedure done.

Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

Ideally, your child should see a paediatric dentist within six months of the first tooth appearing. This first visit is a gentle one that will get your baby or toddler used to the dentist looking in their mouth.

This first visit is the ideal time for the dentist to review best practices with parents. You’ll learn how to clean your baby’s teeth and which foods and drinks you need to avoid. Your dentist can also help reassure you by checking that the baby’s teeth are coming in well.

Preparing for this first visit is essential. You want it to be a calm experience, so make sure your child has a nap and is fed before you arrive. Most parents find it simpler to schedule their visit in the morning. For older children, it’s a good idea to explain what the dentist will do (look in their mouth, touch their teeth, etc.). You can also read a book on dentists or watch a fun video online.

Maintaining Your Child’s Teeth

Regular visits to the dentist are always a good idea, not only to get your child accustomed to seeing a dentist, but also to track their progress. It’s important to keep an eye on those baby teeth and ensure that any problems are immediately addressed.

Common issues include:

Crooked Teeth: This is often due to thumb sucking or prolonged use of a dummy. Your dentist can advise you on how to eliminate or prevent these problems, but more importantly, can determine potential damage before it happens.

Gum Disease: Even little kids can get gum disease, and they’re actually prone to it because of difficulties with cleaning their teeth and gums. Swollen, sensitive gums are often the first sign of this issue. If you notice this, take your child to a dentist to get the problem looked at.

Tooth Decay: Unfortunately, tooth decay is quite common in children, particularly if they have a bottle at night. It’s very important to notice any decay as early as possible to treat it.

Why are baby teeth so important? They pave the way for adult teeth, making room for them. If teeth are pulled or fall out too early, your child could end up needing more dental work later on to correct the adult teeth that come in poorly.

Don’t leave your child’s dental health to chance! Bring them in for a consultation and keep those smiles bright.