As the years pass front teeth often can discolour ,show signs of wear and chip at the edges.Existing white fillings also discolour and this all combines to produce an unsightly appearance.Many patients look for a solution to this problem and one way to treat this is by providing Bioclear veneers.

Bioclear veneers cover the discoloured tooth enamel with a layer of composite material ( white filling) and can be polished to a smooth finish which gives a great appearance and feels smooth in the mouth.

So what are the advantages of Bioclear veneers over traditional porcelain veneers? Firstly they can be done in a single visit unlike porcelain veneers which are made in the laboratory and which require impressions to be taken.They can usually be done with no or very little preparation being done to the teeth,so are more conservative to tooth structure.

The Bioclear veneer technique involves firstly cleaning the surface of the teeth thoroughly with a jet wash which removes all traces of plaque ,bacteria and staining from  the teeth.Then the preformed clear tooth shaped matrices are paced around the teeth.These ensure correct shaping of the bioclear veneers.

The heated  composite material is then injected around the teeth and is cured or hardened by light.The reason the composite  is heated is so that it flows better around the tooth and is in one piece rather than building up layers and so is stronger.The composite is then trimmed down to an approximate shape and then is finally finished and polished to a high shine .

The Bioclear veneers look and feel superb and have already shown durabilty with the good results being maintained for many years.

Bioclear veneers are worth considering as an excellent,conservative option for the improvement of the appearance of discoloured front teeth.