There are certain activities believed to increase the chances of developing oral cancer.

SMOKING -smoking tobacco(cigarettes,pipes ,cigars) increases  your risk of developing mouth cancer..Research suggests that more than 60% of mouth and oropharyngeal cancers are caused by smoking.There is some evidence that people exposed to second hand passive smoke at home and in the workplace may have a small increase in risk of developing oral cancer.

ALCOHOL-Drinking alcohol increase your chances of developing oral cancer.Research shows around 30% of oral cancers are caused by drinking alcohol.UK guidelines recommend a maximum of 14 units of alcohol per week for men and women.That equates to approximately 1 pint of beer/lager or one glass of wine per day.

Therefore over 90% of oral cancer cases can be attributed to smoking or alcohol.Smoking and drinking together increases the chances by more than either by itself.

Chewing Tobacco or betel liquid-smokeless tobacco,including chewing tobacco ,such as betel liquid is known to cause oral cancer.It is NOT a safe alternative to cigarettes.It is more popular in South Asiian communities in the U.K.

Diet-A diet lacking in fruit and vegetables may increase the chances of oral cancer.This is possibly due to a lack of vitamins and minerals.

Human Paplilloma Virus.(HPV)-This virus is very common and infects the skin and the linings of body cavities such as the mouth and throat.Although it does not directly cause oral cancer it can cause changes in the mouth and throats making them more susceptible to cancer in the future.There is a vaccine available for HPV which can be given during adolescence .

Other less common causes are a weak immune system such as being on immunosuppressants or being infected with HIV,sunlight and sun beds (causing lip cancer) ,previous cancers elsewhere in the body, a family history of oral cancer and certain genetic conditions.