young, happy familyWe at Riverside Dental  Practice have been committed to providing dental treatment for our patients on the NHS for over 40 years.NHS patients are entitled to receive all treatment necessary to secure their oral health.In practical terms this means check ups ,simple scalings,amalgam fillings on back teeth,white fillings on front teeth,root fillings,simple dentures,extractions and crowns when clinically appropriate.

The NHS does not cover more cosmetic treatments such as veneers,metal free crowns,tooth whitening and obviously implants.

Can you be an NHS patient and still have private treatments if you want them? The answer is definitely Yes.

You can have the simpler treatments on the NHS but can be offered the better options such as white fillings on back teeth if you want them.Our dentists are happy to discuss the options available.

What are the charges on the NHS? Dental check ups are free and after that most other treatments attract a fee.For example fillings are around £8 up to about £25 maximum.Crowns start at around £100 per tooth.There is a maximum fee on the NHS for a single course of treatment of around £380.

Does everyone pay for NHS treatment? Not all -there are groups of patients exempt from  charges-such as all children up to 18,pregnant women,nursing mothers and patients on certain benefits such as tax credit and universal credit.Phone the surgery to check if you think you may be exempt from charges.

Are We taking on more NHS patients? Yes we are-if  you haven’t been at the dentist for a while then don’t worry -we will take you on as an NHS patient so you can receive all the necessary treatment for an affordable price.

We are particularly happy to take on families so that children can benefit from regular check ups which will stand them in good stead throughout life.