Britain’s best known breakfast cereal manufacturer Kellogg’s has announced a significant reduction in the sugar content of its products.From July onwards one of its best known and best selling brands Coco Pops contains 40% less sugar than before.According to the company the cereal now contains a more premium cocoa powder and no artificial preservatives or sweeteners.

The  cereal also contains 10% less salt.The new cereal has been tested on over 200 children and parents and apparently 85% preferred the new one.This is obviously welcome and although in the ideal world it would be better if nobody ate a sugary cereal for breakfast we have to be realistic and accept that millions of people especially children do and that it is a step in the right direction to cut the sugar intake of cereal.

Also Cadbury has announced that it will start selling a new lower sugar version of its famous Dairy Milk chocolate bar from next year.The new bar will contain 30% less sugar.The company is considering similar reductions in other products also.

High amounts of sugar in the diet are a large contributor to tooth decay and obesity particularly in children.The food industry has been challenged by the government to reduce sugar intake in its products by 20% by 2020, with the target of a 5% reduction in the first year.

Breakfast cereal and other sugar containing products  are consumed heavily by children up to 18 years of age and this is the time that they are most susceptible to dental caries.Decay can cause short term effects such a short toothache,extractions and can lead to lifelong consequences with more dental treatment being required.