White fillings are now undoubtedly the best option for restoring teeth at both the front and back of the mouth.White fillings are are just  strong if not stronger than the old amalgam fillings .The more modern materials have superb strength and durability and of course look far better too.

Another advantage of white fillings is safety.They do not contain mercury which is a significant ingredient of dental amalgam and which is a toxic substance.Past generations had amalgam fillings placed because it was the best alternative but that is no longer the case.There is no evidence of any safety issues with modern white fillings.

Many countries such as Canada and the Scandinavian nations are actively seeking to phase out the use of amalgams entirely.Hopefully the U.K. and the rest of Europe will follow suit soon.

At Riverside Dental Practice we aim  to provide white fillings whenever possible.Both our dentists offer white filling alternatives to our patients for front and back teeth.White fillings-also known as composites -can be placed in most teeth. In fact they can be used when there is very little tooth left when previously the only option would have been to extract the tooth or provide a more expensive crown.

White fillings in most cases last just as long if not longer than amalgam fillings and therefore increase the life of even the most heavily broken down teeth.

They take only slightly longer to place in most circumstances and can be used to eat on immediately ,unlike amalgam fillings .

The cost of a white filling on a back tooth is more than an amalgam as they are not available on the NHS but are still very affordable at usually £60-£80 per tooth for all but the very  largest restorations.

So if you want any old silver fillings replaced with white fillings please let us know.dentist inspecting woman's mouth with mirror and light