Dental implants are becoming a more popular way of replacing missing teeth.At Riverside Dental Practice we offer implants to our patients when they have lost teeth.Dental implants can be used to replace single teeth right up to full denture situations.
We refer our patients to Clifton Dental Clinic in Glasgow which is one of Scotland’s top implant referral centres.They are a long established specialist implant clinic and have placed thousands of implants surgically.
Often we can then restore the implants with the crowns/bridges or dentures at Riverside.We have been providing this service for around 6 years and the results have been excellent with many happy patients.
We use top quality experienced dental labs to construct the final restorations and these come with long guarantees.
Patients can have their social lives transformed by fitting dental implants enabling them to eat and speak with confidence in company.
Please feel free to contact us at the practice to discuss dental implants.
One situation where implants are particularly useful are lower full dentures .Full upper dentures cover the palate and so decent suction is achievable in most cases.However lower dentures do not remain as stable during use.They rise up and move around particularly when speaking and eating.Food can collect under the denture and this is embarrassing for the patient.Also it is very difficult to eat anything other than the softest foods.
Often lower gums shrink considerably after the teeth are removed and there is very little bone to stabilise the denture.
In many cases implants can massively improve the situation.
The implant surgeon can place two implants in the lower jaw and then we can provide a denture with inserts which precisely fit over the implants .The patient can then eat again with no movement.
The bliss of being able to eat a bacon sandwich again cannot be overestimated !