The BDA has added its support to the campaign-Newcastle Can-by the well known TV Chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall to reduce the exposure of children to advertising of high sugar junk foods on TV before the 9.00pm watershed .

Hugh’s main concern is the link between high sugar food drinks and food and obesity in the population which has risen dramatically in the last 25 years from 15% of the adult population in England to a scarcely believable 27%.However the link between these products and dental caries is indisputable and decay is still the main reason for children’s hospital admissions for multiple extractions.

Other aims of the campaign is to reduce promotions of junk foods at supermarket checkouts and to stop the use of cartoon characters and superheroes on junk food packaging.

A little bit of junk food occasionally doesn’t do much harm but excessive consumption at an early age can have many adverse medical and dental effects which can be life long.